Something for the Weekend - French Toast

Last time I was in Canada I met up with a friend and she told me that her favourite breakfast to have when visiting Toroing (she lives in London too) is french toast with cream cheese. I couldn't believe I had never heard of such a thing - french toast and cream cheese? Genius!

She did tell me where to find it, but I propmtly forgot the name of the restaurant so I never managed to give it a go. But the idea stuck with me and I've been dreaming about it ever since, and ways to make it just a little bit more amazing.

Then a few weeks ago I was walking through Broadway Market and I spotted some challa bread (pronounced hulla, unless I'm mistaken), which is my favourite bread with which to make french toast. I thought the time had finally come to give it a go! Not too sweet, not too savory, I present to you: French Toast a la Nishaantishu.

for the filling mix together:
half a tub of philly cream cheese
one tablespoon of bonne maman blueberry jam
once mixed, put in the fridge.

for the french toast whisk together:
two eggs (if you're making this for a lot of people the ratio is about one to one, so one egg per slice of bread)
half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
one and a half tablespoons of condensed milk
pinch of salt

Cut off two thick slices of challa bread and soak in the whisked egg mixture until they are squashy on all sides, but not so soggy that they fall apart when you try to put them in the pan.

Fry in butter until they are golden brown - this shouldn't take too long as the egg shouldn't have soaked all the way through the bread like it does with traditional french toast made with slightly stale bread.

When you're finished with the french toast, let it cool a little bit before spreading on the blueberry cream cheese and putting the other piece of french toast on top like a sandwich.

Finish it all off with a dollop of blueberry cream cheese on the top, some fresh blueberries and some syrup - golden or maple, your choice.