Make Good Choices

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Lately I've developed a sense of determination to bring peace to my life. A feeling of comfort and contentedness. To feel rested, and happy, and to make conscious decisions to do things that I know I'll really love, like celebrate Halloween, instead of doing things just do keep busy. Why do we always need to be so busy?! I find I just say yes to everything and anything, which is great for having new experiences, but it has become a habit and I've definitely said yes to some things lately that I should have said no to. Do you do this too?

I was meant to be on a work trip this week but it got canceled at the last minute for security reasons, as a result I feel like I've gained time - a whole week! I have no plans at all and it feels amazing. I spent all last weekend at home, in my pajamas, doing relaxing things like reading, knitting, a bit of organising, watching movies... I can't remember the last time I had a weekend that wasn't completely full of things to do and people to see.

I've been adding to my >>Life<< board on Pinterest a lot these days, and it's become a real place of inspiration - somewhere to go and rest my eyes late at night when I can't sleep and I need to find some calm. I suppose it's a collection of what I'm working towards, not the reality of the pictures, but the sense of happy calm they give me.

*I'm not sure where most of these photos come from so if you recognize any of them let me know so I can link them up to their rightful owners.