Just a Moment - sixteen

Some weeks it's hard to find a moment to pause and think about what's going on, everything mixes together and it's hard to tell the good from the bad. So this weekend I made a real effort to do some fun stuff and create some good moments.
This year Adam and I have decided to do Halloween properly. We bought some pumpkins and soon we'll get some candy - I really hope we get some trick-or-treaters. I even bought a "scary" movie to watch and I can't wait, Halloween used to be my favourite holiday when I was little and I've been neglecting these past few years.

I've been loving walks with Molly lately, I look forward to an hour in the park every day especially after spending all day in the office. The air is so fresh and everything looks so pretty with leaves everywhere - I wish I could spend all day every day outside in my wellies.

Chips in a paper wrapper eaten outside just before it rains, covered in salt and vinegar. The tastiest chips I've had in a very long time.

I'm planning on starting a winter garden on my back porch with a few herbs and plants that won't mind the cold. I've started with this heather and I'm hoping to get some rosemary and thyme - do you have any advice on plants that will survive the winter?

I'm so happy that it's stew season again. My Mum practically raised us on stews and I love making a massive one on a Sunday and having it last all week long - I never get tired of it and thankfully neither does Adam. This is a slow cooked venison stew with dumplings, so yummy.

Another moment not pictured because I forgot my camera card: spending Sunday with some of my favourite blogger friends running around Shoreditch on The Photo Hunt, an event organised by some more of my favourite blogger friends. And we won! Go team Drunken Reindeers!

It was a tough week, that's for sure, but it was a good weekend that more than made up for it. Now Adam and I are sat on the sofa watching Ghost Busters and planning on getting an early night. What was the best moment from your week?