Italy Continued

Time keeps running away from me! Every day I mean to write a blog post, then I blink and suddenly it's 11:30 at night, my hair is frazzled, my clothes slightly askew, and I'm at a loss as to where the day has gone. I'm in serious need of a moment to come back down to earth. I hate the feeling of rushing through life, and not taking a moment to enjoy it!

Which is in stark contrast to what I was doing this time two weeks ago... When we were flying from London to Pisa, I found out that Adam had one last surprise up his sleeve. I told me mid-air that we weren't going where I thought we were going for our first night in Italy, but he had actually booked us into a spa! We going to spend the next two days floating in thermal waters, having massages, and balancing out all that goodness with wine, pasta and gelato!

We stayed in the Bagni di Pisa Palace, where they gave us an upgraded room and free passes to the spa. It was all very swish!

After floating in the waters until we were all pruney, Adam asked at reception where we should have dinner. Naturally the recommended the hotel restaurant, because as it turns out there was only one other restaurant in the town. We opted for the one other restaurant and I'm pretty sure it was the best meal we had the whole time we were in Italy, though when we drank some of their water and said "this tastes amazing!!!", we became a bit suspicious that we were just on cloud nine and anything would have tasted amazing and been the "best ever" at that point. 

As everything was in Italian, and neither of us speak Italian, we pulled the old What's Her Face from Eat, Pray, Love trick and asked for the best dish on the menue. We weren't disappointed - but who can be with pasta?

The next day, we hopped on a train the Pisa! But more to come on that soon. I promise!