Italy Adventures: Pisa to Buti

Before Adam and I went to Italy we couldn't decide where to stay. We knew we would be in Lucca but we couldn't figure out if we wanted a country break or a city break. We didn't booked our accommodation until the last minute because we were so indecisive - but by the time the holiday came around we were so in need of some rest and relaxation just the two of us, we opted for a remote country cottage.

We stayed with Adam's sister and her family for a couple of nights in Buti and it was the perfect start to our country vacation. Their cottage was so remote in the Tuscan countryside, and so high up on a hilltop somewhere that they regretted not hiring a truck to get them up and down the dirt track.

When we arrived late at night I whipped out my camera and couldn't help but photograph everything. It was so beautiful and dreamy in the dusk and the fog. We sat around drinking wine and chatting until late, but woke up early ready to explore. Adam and I grabbed our coffees and went for a wander through the olive trees and to check out the view.

There's something about Tuscany that simply demands a feeling of relaxation and indulgence. Everything is so beautiful, there's so much food to be eaten and wine to be drunk. It's just impossible not to feel content.

More Italian adventures to come soon...