A Molly Update

Molly is settling in really well. She is such a nervous pup that it took a long time for her to feel at home, and not afraid of everything.

But now that she is feeling more comfortable her personality is really coming out and we're discovering that she's so playful and loving. She captures the heart of everyone she meets.

She's really uncoordinated so when she runs and plays with the ball she's all legs and ears flying everywhere. Other dogs like to chase her and nip at her back legs, my theory is that they are mistaking her for a sheep and are trying to herd her. We took her to the countryside to visit my mum this past weekend and she loved it! She was so distracted by the smells and chasing rabbits that she nearly got herself lost a couple of times. At one point she was so fixed on sniffing the ground as she ran along that she ran headlong into a fence! And even though she has always been really afraid of the car, by the end of the weekend she could hardly contain her excitement when asked to climb in the back seat - I think because she knew she was going somewhere fun. Her favorite road trip pastimes are barking at the satnav, and barking and other people in their cars on the motorway.

She is also really good at giving fashion advice. Today I held two jumpers in front of her and asked her which I should wear - she had a good sniff of the brown one, but then nudged the yellow and poked it with her paw. She certainly has an opinion!

Other things that Molly loves: tennis balls, not just regular balls, they have to be tennis balls. Kicking fallen leaves with her front paws in the park and then prancing around them a bit. Her teddy, she has so much love for that thing even though she's chewed its face off. Trying to crawl into your lap for cuddles (she's far too big for this). Smooshing her face against yours when she knows she's done something wrong, I bet she thinks this is endearing. Shoving her whole face in her water bowl and drooling all over the flat. Yawning really loudly. Greeting everyone in the park who stands still long enough. Having her lead on in the flat and walking herself around with the handle end in her mouth. And Biscuit Bill, who always has a biscuit for all the dogs in the park.