Tom & Clara

Early last month Adam and I were in Canada to celebrate the wedding of two of our closest friends. This video was only released yesterday and I must have watched it about ten times, I think it's so good. OK it's probably because it shows a lot of our really close friends having the time of their lives, and how often is it that you get to capture something like that in a film?

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll probably recognise Tom and Clara. We all lived together, along with Tom's sister Rachael, until we moved into our new flat this past spring. Adam and Clara were at high school together and Clara was my very first London friend. Rarely a week goes by where we're not all getting up to something, and it was so amazing to see them get married as they both mean so much to Adam and I.

Their story is one of my favourites. They met under an umbrella outside Angel Tube Station, he ducked under to get out of the rain saying something like "can I share your umbrella?", before asking for her number. As a couple they are just hilarious, as you can see from the video. They bicker and laugh together all the time, and they make domestic life look so easy!

Fore more about the day you can check out Joani and Henry's blog. Joani is Clara's best friend and one half of Henjo Films, the fab couple responsible for this video. For a good laugh I recommend checking out their 'about' video.