Just a Moment - thirteen

This week has just flown by, so fast in fact that I completely forgot about my Just a Moment post last Sunday. Autumn is always such a season of change, it seems. And things are changing - which is fun and scary and amazing. Here are a few of the calming and peaceful moments from my week:


We found this chair a little while ago at a secondhand shop and Adam has been working on bringing it back to life. It's so much nicer to wait for the right things to decorate your home to find you, isn't it? Show them a bit of love and they soon become priceless.


Fresh, local grown food like this just makes me feel so happy. Just look at how pretty they are!


Weekend walks always bring us somewhere new. We've been in our new flat long enough now to know the neighbourhood pretty well, but not so long that we no longer get excited when we discover somewhere new. I hope it always stays like this.


The happiest boat that ever there was.


I have been eating this stuff lately like it's my job. On the weekends I have been going through half a loaf of sourdough with butter and lemon curd all to myself.