Just a Moment - fourteen

This week has been such a fun week. My mum has been visiting, I met up with some fun new friends and some good old friends. And I've finally come around to the idea that it might be ok to have some colder weather for a while, just in time for the leaves to start falling.

Blogger meet-ups are just the best. Meeting up with a group of like minded girls, jumping right in and giving a hug to someone you haven't actually met before, and catching up with a new friend like they're a good old friend. These girls are just the most inspiring group you could ever wish to hang out with. Head on over to Rosie's blog to read a proper post about the whole evening - she puts it better than I ever could. Or Che did a pretty hilarious synopsis of the evenings events.

Tomato, parsley and purple grated carrot salad, with roast duck and corn on the cob. We definitely eat well when mum comes to visit.

It's happening! 

Guinness cake, have you ever had it? It's fast becoming one of my favourite treats. I even think it's better than red velvet, if you can believe it.

My mum bought me some soap down from up north near where she lives. I know wool fat soap sounds pretty revolting, but I've been using it to wash my face for the past six months and my skin has never looked better.

What was the best moment from your week? Is it cold where you are, have you been shopping for some new autumn jumpers?