Just a Moment - fifteen

This week has been mostly about Molly, getting her settled and working on her training. There's nothing I would be rather doing though, because she's just the sweetest. So here are a few Molly moments, and some other ones too...

This girl loves a cuddle. She's good and doesn't ask to get on the sofa, but she is just happiest when she's as close as she can possibly be to you. She's such a love. And there's nothing that makes me happier than curling up on the sofa in my pyjamas with Adam and our pup.

Meeting my friend Eve for vegan hot chocolate. I'm not a vegan but she is and I have to say this vegan hot chocolate business is pretty good! Especially with rose sugar on top.

Going for a walk around the cemetery in Stoke Newington. It's the creepiest cemetery because as you can see it must have zombies, but it's also the most beautiful. Walking around it made me really excited for halloween next month. If we can get Molly to stop barking at everyone coming through the door we're going to carve some pumpkins and get some sweets for trick-or-treaters - if there are any around here, that is.

Molly had her first bath this week. She was pretty filthy when we got her and had dreadlocks all around her mouth and ears, so it was time for her to have a bit of a groom. She wasn't very happy about it though and had a good pout for the rest of the day.

Adam came up with a clever solution to fill our non-working fireplace. It generates a lot of heat actually, and it just makes spending a rainy afternoon at home wrapped up with a blanket one of the loveliest things to do.

I'm coming round to this cold weather business, actually. Any opportunity to get cozey. How was your week?