I Am Very Pleased to Introduce Molly

Finally, finally, finally, FINALLY - we got a dog!! I can't believe I'm even typing out those words. I've wanted a dog of my own for so long (which you'll know if you've been reading along here for a while), I've jokingly asked for one for years, always knowing it wasn't a good idea. But now it's a reality and I'm so happy.

About a month ago, I managed to convince Adam that it was time, and that we were grown up enough to handle a dog. I was kind of convincing myself at the same time because the commitment of it all is definitely scary, but I must have said something right because he agreed.

Then followed a couple of weeks of searching through all the rescue and re-homing centers, which is both an incredibly sad and incredibly heartwarming process. We came so close to finding the right dog for a few times, and each time it got harder and harder to decide that we wouldn't be able to give that particular dog the right home.

And then we met Molly. And it occurred to me, who would even think of ever giving up such a beautiful dog!? She's a two year old Australian labradoodle (don't ask me what it is that makes her Australian, I don't know) and she is just the loveliest, kindest dog.

She's so shy and was terrified of everything for the first week. She has earned the nickname Molly Soggy Chops, because when she drinks water her chin gets all soggy and it's gross when she comes in for a cuddle. She loves chasing the ball and loves chasing pigeons, but is not too fussed about chasing crows. 

When you come home from work she collects as many toys as she can carry in her mouth, always giving priority to her favourite teddy, and runs around and around the kitchen table with excitement - you can see that in the third picture from the top.

She came to us in an alright state, but is in pretty bad need of a groom and some vet care. The soggy chops are a result of dreadlocks growing under her chin and around her mouth. It is pretty apparent she hasn't been out much and has been quite neglected, she's just so scared and everything is so new to her - but we are taking it bit by bit and every day she gets braver. But I can't wait to take her on her first country walk, or see how she feels about swimming.

She loves Adam the most and will always run to him in the park when she's afraid of other dogs/bikes/children/pretty much everything.

Pretty much all she ever wants is cuddles, and that's just fine by me. Oh, and in other news, I got my hair cut. What do you think?

P.s. let me know if you are interested in hearing about Molly's re homing story, and I'll do a seperate post.