The Cottage - a Photo an Hour

7am the mornings are a bit chilly so we light the fire
8am coffee x 3
9am pancakes for breakfast
10am go fishing, without success
11am snack time for baby Felix
12pm time to chop some wood
1pm give Friday some cuddles
2pm currently reading The Rose Project (it's ok...)
3pm cut some trails until the bugs get too bad
4pm go for a walk, maybe a swim
5pm scrabble, I never win.
6pm bath time in the best tub ever
7pm ribs on the BBQ
8pm give Friday some cuddles
9pm watch the sun set
10pm bedtime, because the quiet just puts you to sleep

I look forward to this week up at the cottage every year and I'm always more than a little sad when it's over, I may have shed a tear or two this time. I spend the whole week reading while Adam goes all 'old man river' and chops wood for hours while talking about future construction projects and wearing his dad's beat up old Patagonia.

It really is my idea of heaven on earth. We have plans to one day live up there for an entire summer, but until then, we'll just have to wait until next year.