The Great Canadian Ponut

Happy Canada Day!!

I seem to be doing a lot of baking these days so I thought maybe I could come up with something a little different to celebrate before this baking phase wares off.

When I think of Canadian food I naturally think of poutine, or beaver tails. But when I think of the food that most reminds me of Canada, I think of fluffy blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. I'm not too sure why, that's just what comes to mind. The trouble is, I can't actually make pancakes. I'm not a bad cook really, I can bake pretty well and all the rest - but pancakes always come out burnt and awful.

So I came up with a fail safe way of making blueberry (sort of) pancakes that require hardly any effort, no tricky flipping, or any cutlery at all if you're feeling lazy. I don't know about you but I like all food that is cutlery optional.

Introducing a Canadian inspired recipe of sorts - The Ponut.

I was really pleased to have an excuse to use my donut tray again as well! I used this simple pancake mix recipe and spread the donut moulds with a thin layer of butter. Then I spooned the batter into the mould until it was nearly full, popped the blueberries in and covered them with more batter until it was nearly spilling over.

I put the tray into the oven at 200 for 12-15 minutes (depending on how over-eagre your oven is), pulled them out and turned them over onto a drying rack until they were just cool enough to eat.

I experimented a bit with flipping them over half way through to give the ponut a more evenly rounded shape, but in the end that seemed just an extra effort to make them pretty, and this is meant to be a lazy breakfast. Clearly I don't have a career in food styling.

We tried them with bits of bacon in the middle which Adam greatly appreciated but I prefer mine with just blueberry. You can add whatever you like to make it personal to your taste. They're light and fluffy, not at all greasy and they're kind of fun to eat - I imagine they would go down a treat with kids especially if you have a mini donut baking tray.

And don't forget some maple syrup for dunking! Always maple syrup for dunking. It's the law.