Sweet Thursday

Last Friday Adam sent me an email at work saying that he had heard of a pizza place that is meant to be amazing not far from the flat. We eat pizza roughly once a week over here, so having an amazing pizza place so close by is something to get excited about.

On Sunday evening we planned to head out on our bikes to check out Sweet Thursday, our new local pizza place. We timed it just right so that I could get home in time to watch Miss Marple, because I'm cool like that.

It's a lovely little restaurant, very Italian in a carelessly bright and breezy, yet still trendy kind of way. The food was pretty amazing and I nearly managed an entire pizza all to myself, minus the crusts to make way for the more cheesy bits - I need to prioritise when I've got limited space.

We cycled home as the sun was setting, discovered a few new pretty streets nearby, and pretended to be riding racing bikes while bending over the handle bars and making "brum brum" noises - again, because we're cool like that.

If you're around Dalston and you haven't already, definitely give Sweet Thursday a visit.