On Photography

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This Christmas it will be a year since I have owned my very own DLSR. I love my little Canon 60D so much, she comes almost everywhere with me, my constant companion throughout my every day life and on overseas adventures.

I'm a little bit ashamed to say however, that I don't know how to shoot off automatic. There. I said it. My Photoshopping skills are pretty good I think, but my photography skills beyond framing a nice shot... not so much.

I love photography though, and I'm kind of new to it in several ways, so a few months ago I set up a Photography board on Pinterest to get some inspiration and find out what kind of things I like to shoot most. Turns out that more than nature, landscapes, and even animals - I really love to photograph people! But I couldn't even begin to start trying to replicate some of my favourite shots.

That's why I've finally signed up to my first photography class with Michelle - I'm joining Eat & Snap this Saturday and I can hardly wait. Is anyone else going, or thinking of going? You should! It'll be a beautifully sunny day (fingers crossed) full of photography and cake.

*if you know the original source of some of these images, please let me know. It is such a shame not to be able to properly credit the photographer.