The Story Part Three: Thirteen Years Later

Here's the final part of the story about how Adam and I got together, you can also catch up with part one and part two. I know it's rather long, but I wanted to do it justice.

I love that we have a romantic story attached to our relationship, and that life's events conspired to bring us together in the way they did. I've never had much confidence in my decisions, and I've always doubted that I have the ability to pick the right guys - previous relationships have taught me that much. But where Adam and I are concerned, it doesn't feel like we chose each other, more like life pushed us together because that was just the way things had to be. And I'm so grateful for that because he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

ok, now the end of the story....

Over the thirteen years that followed after junior school I didn't see Adam, even though he went to the same high school as most of my friends. I all but completely forgot about him. I don't know when he stopped walking her home, but Jenn lost contact with him around the time that boys and girls start to get awkward around each other. By this point Jenn and I had also drifted apart, we still had a few mutual friends but that was about it.

I left Canada for good when I moved to England for university. I maybe thought about Adam once or twice over the years since I had last seen him, but he was filed away forever in my mind as my first ever 'crush'. He went to university in Ontario and the closest we ever came geographically was when he did a year abroad at the University of Derby - only a few counties away from where I was studying at Durham. Jenn and I lost contact almost completely but became friends again through a random mutual connection over my summer visits to Toronto from Uni.

It was on one of those visits, one hot summer, when we were trying to keep cool in her living room, watching a movie. I said to her "hey, do you remember Adam from Eglinton and how we used to chase him around the playground? Didn't we chase him so much that we made him cry once?" She responded saying, "yes, I'm friends with him on facebook actually, I think he's living in London..." I assumed that she meant London, Ontario.

That evening, back at my Dad's house, I got to thinking and wondered if Adam still looked the same, just as red-headed and freckly. I looked him up and he emailed me almost immediately saying "Wow! Freya! Blast from the past..."

We messaged for a bit and while I was living halfway up the country, and he in London, we made a point of promising to meet up in the City the next time I was there. We continued to keep in touch by email until one day when I went down to London to visit a friend and sign the lease on a new flat; I had decided to make the move from Lancashire to the City. I emailed Adam and suggested he take a day off work to show me around. I didn't want to admit that I was afraid of the tube and needed some help, but thankfully he thought it was a good idea.

Eleven months previously I had come out of a long an unhealthy relationship with the first guy who ever looked my way. I was determined not to enter into another one and just thought it would be fun to date for a while, having never really done it before - so date I did. And it was exhausting! I never thought to date Adam because I didn't want to ruin that connection, but I did fancy him.

The weeks passed and I came to London. Finally, after thirteen years, Adam and I met up again. I remember waiting outside Tower Hill station for him,  so nervous that I had planned my outfit exactly - grey skinny jeans, a green top and gold strappy sandals - sounds exactly like someone who isn't planning on dating a guy, doesn't it? I remember jumping up to greet him from where I was sitting on the wall outside the tube and saying a very flustered "oh hi!". He instigated a hug hello, which I was not expecting - I felt a very distinct click.

I convinced myself that it was all in my head, and that even if ok maybe I did fancy him a little - that meant nothing. After a long day of wandering the city together, he had to sit me down and explain to me that he liked me and wanted to go on a real date with me. I'm not very good at taking hints, especially from boys; I think they are just being nice when actually they are flirting.

He had been single for a while having moved to London for a girl and a relationship that ended a long time ago, but because his visa allowed him to he thought he may as well stay on. He remembers telling someone in his office that he had a date, they asked where we met and he said "in the playground..." He had to clarify pretty quickly that we met in the playground several years ago when we were both the same age and in school together.

On our first official date I knew it was going to be serious and was I so afraid, more so than I had been for any of my other dates. I didn't want to get hurt again and the butterflies in my stomach were going bananas! I came out of the tube station and pretended to be texting on my phone, I hoped that if I couldn't see him then maybe he wouldn't be able to see me. But he walked up to me and said "hey" - in that knowing kind of way he still does when he's trying to tell me to stop hiding behind my phone.

Our first date was wonderful but I had to leave London to go back up North the next day. The following Friday afternoon he rung meat work and said he could get a last minute ticket to come and visit me in Lancashire. Neither of us could wait to see each other again. I said yes and he jumped on a train, only stopping to buy some underwear and a toothbrush. When he got to my house I had to leave him alone with my parents to go to work, having never met my mum he said to me "what's your mum's name again? Apple... something.... orange..." I looked at him oddly and said "her name's Melanie". He responded with "MELON, that's it! I knew it had something to do with fruit!!!"

And that was it. Now it's almost four years later and I still give him grief for walking Jenn home every day after school and not me. But he still responds with "no, you were always the one."