Starting the Celebrations Early

Canada and I have a funny relationship. Even though I'm not from there, I spent a good part of my childhood in Ontario and a part of me will always consider it home. There is so much I miss about Canada, the warm summers, my friends, the wilderness, the wildlife, and also the FOOD! I can't describe it, but the food in Canada is just so good. Every time I go to visit I stuff my face until I'm bursting at the seams.

Last Thursday, Michelle and I headed to Shoreditch to eat some Canadian inspired crepes and cocktails courtesy of Canada Day London. My maple syrup levels have been running dangerously low these past few months so it was lovely to have an opportunity to top up, meet some other lovely bloggers, and start the Canada Day Festivities a little early.

I'm looking forward to celebrating Canada Day this year on July first, and I'm think maybe it would be a good opportunity to share some Canadian recipes before the big day. I'll get working on that.