Rhubarb for Breakfast

Rhubarb is one of those fruits that has always confused me - too sour to eat on its own, I've never really been sure what to do with it. The closest I ever came to enjoying it was in a rhubarb & custard sweet, which are my favourite, but I'm fairly sure they don't use real fruit.

So when Adam's mum came to visit a while ago and bought a few sticks of rhubarb at the shop I was more than a little curious to see what she would do with them. Curious and nervous, because really sour fruit tends to murder my stomach.

She cleaned it up, chopped it up, boiled it in a saucepan with only half an inch of water and a whole load of brown sugar (I use one and a half tablespoons of sugar per stalk but really it's up to personal taste). And when it had taken on a satisfactory consistency, i.e. it could sit on toast without making it soggy or sliding off onto your lap, she set it aside to cool.

The next morning I cycled to Healthy Stuff, our local favourite coffee shop, and bought a loaf of sour dough before it was even cool from the oven. We toasted it up, buttered it, and I tentatively tried a little boiled rhubarb on one little corner...

It's now my favourite thing. On toast. On plain Greek yogurt. On it's own out of the pan with a wooden spoon while it's still hot. I've been making this recipe pretty much every weekend since Adam's mum flew back to Canada.

It's the perfect summer breakfast.