Life Take me Anywhere

You know when you're just going along in life, and things are just happening and life is being, well, life - and suddenly one small annoyance pops up, and then another, and another. Small things, not a big deal, but just enough all at once to make you stop and think.

And suddenly questions are flying at you out of nowhere! And it's like being stuck in a bat cave with thoughts flying at your head and you don't know whether to duck and run or stand there and hope that if you're very quiet they won't notice you and and they'll go away.

It can be exhausting sometimes, being your own constant companion. Should I's and Shouldn't I's coming at you from every direction, from what to wear in the morning to what time you should go to bed at night - and everything in between.

Life can be hard enough without stumbling over second-guesses. Learning to let unnecessary problems go and learning to stick to your guns once you've made a decision about the big problems - those are the skills to work on I think.

When I get caught in a self-doubt cyclone, lately I have been asking myself, "what would Holiday Freya think about this?". You know, the clear-thinking, happy person you are when you're on holiday and your life actually looks pretty good from where you're sitting, on a beach, in some far off country.

Holiday Freya remembers what's important. Holiday Freya remembers what makes her happy. And Holiday Freya doesn't worry so much about letting the annoying things pass her by. Holiday Freya knows what it means to be at peace with her mind.

Mostly this all comes down to the fact that Holiday Freya remembers to sit back and let life take her where it will, only laying a gentle hand to guide rudder when a real storm comes along.