Just a Moment - five

This week had been all about visitors and keeping busy busy busy, but here are a few moments that I managed to capture, just a few small things.

This cat loves our new carpet, I mean really loves it. She scratches at our window to get in and then spends about ten minutes squiggling around on her back, rubbing her face against the floor. It's so funny. She's actually at the window as I type, giving me that look...

This chair full of oranges. I found it in the back of some cafe somewhere and for a moment I thought I was in some sunny country on holiday.

Adam and I were chatting about juice and why he could taste ginger in one juice where I could only taste celery. I started trying to philosophise about whether taste buds were linked in some way to our overall outlook on life and this was the look he gave me - so I gave it right back. Then he took a picture.

I have a group of girlfriends who are so busy that we could only find one friday night between April and August that we were all free. So they came over last Friday for dinner and cocktails, and my friend Eve bought me this beautiful little house warming gift of street flowers in a vintage cup. I love it!

Are these pansies? They're so little and sweet, accompanying me, my mum and my godmother on our lunch date on Colombia Road. I love the flower market on Colombia Road on Sundays, but these days it is so packed with tourists that I almost prefer visiting on a Saturday when no one is around and it's quiet enough to brows the shops.

What was your favourite moment this week? One you would always like to remember.