Fifty random facts 31 to 40 - told by Sara Jane

Here's the fourth installment of the fifty random facts series (catch up here >one<>two<>three<). I seem to be all about the series these days, huh? These ten facts are bought to you by one of my best friends, Sara Jane. She's currently living even further away from me than usual, teaching English in South Korea - I miss her like crazy but I really can't wait to go for a visit. Anyway, here we go with fifty random facts about me by Sara Jane:

31. She used to be a tomboy. She didn't start liking girly things until she was in her twenties.
It's true, I never bothered with makeup or dresses before I went away to university - I spent every spare moment with my horses so I never really saw the point. I was more the muddy knees and sticks in my hair kind of girl, than the lip gloss kind of girl. 

32. She makes the best homemade perogies in the world.
Well actually we both do, because we only ever make them when we are together. We really love perogies, Sara Jane and I!

33. She used to break into the off-limits area of our school during lunch hour and we used to hold seances.
I was such a little troublemaker! But I never got caught ;)

34. As a child her favourite movie was Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
We used to do the dances and sing the songs from the movie in the playground at recess. Goodness knows what our teachers thought, a group of eight year old girls reenacting the routines from a film about drag-queens. 

35. She has an untiring ability to eat Pho.
I do. I love it! I would eat it every day if I could. 

36. She hates charades but she loves Uno.
All of my friends seem to be former drama students. We always used to play charades growing up, and everyone involved was really good! I was far too shy to get involved and my friends were far too kind to force me to play. But I do love UNO! I never go on a trip without it and I'm always forcing people to play with me, even random strangers in airports!

37. She one time found a dying pigeon in the subway station, wrapped it in newspaper, and presented it to the nearest ttc agent for medical attention.
I just can't not try to help sometimes.

38. She has two separate pulses on either side of her body.
It's very strange and apparently it's caused by mismatched tubes pumping blood to and from my heart.

39. She hates to fight. We've only ever fought once: when we were about nine years old and I accidentally spent the money she had been planning to spend at the ice cream truck that came to our school every lunchtime.
I avoid conflict at all costs, which is odd because I come from a very vocal family. Everyone freely speaks their mind and disagreements are common, but I am too haunted by guilt to fight with people. The only person I feel comfortable arguing with is Adam - lucky him!

40. Doing yoga makes her cry.
According to Sara Jane, who is a yoga instructor, this is quite common. If you're going through tough times it can come out in your practice. That or I just don't practice often enough so I cry when I do because it's hard work.