Baked Buttermilk Doughnuts with Strawberry Rhubarb Brown Butter Glaze

A few weeks ago I was going on a bit of a pinning spree when suddenly I came across this amazing photo of the most delicious donuts I've ever seen. I immediately went onto Amazon, bought a donut tray, and started making room in my weekend plans for some baking. I suddenly had a massive craving for donuts.

I had such a fun time making them, watching back to back episodes of Hart of Dixie the whole time. I got lazy at one point and couldn't be bothered to go out and find buttermilk so I tried to substitute it with something else, a kind of condensed milk hybrid - for the record, don't do that, it doesn't work. So after the first batch went in the bin and the second batch (with buttermilk) was cool enough to glaze, I dipped them, and then double dipped them.

Brown butter glaze is now my new favourite thing. It was just so delicious I kind of ended up eating the leftovers with a spoon.

Baked donuts are not what I'm used to. They don't work out as fluffy as deep fried donuts, they are much more dense and a little bit stodgy, but still pretty yummy because any donut is bound to taste good. Now that I've got my pan I'm looking forward to trying out some other recipes.