Just a Moment - two

Some wonderful moments from the past week. Posting a little late because, well, bank holiday... you know.

When you walk down a street that has three or four trees in blossom and that's all you can see. It's like there's been a snow storm and every free surface is covered in pink. Why can't London just look like this all year long?

I'm not sure what these flowers are, I would say they are snapdragons but I'm pretty sure that's not what I was told by the guy who sold them to me - of course I can't remember what he called them. Whatever they are, they've been brightening up my bedside table all week.

These swans waiting patiently for their eggs to hatch. One was tending the eggs while the other was pulling down rushes to add to the nest (all the while another little bird was stealing them for his own smaller nest when the swans weren't looking).

I can't believe how excited I get for our weekend bike rides, it's like being a little girl again and hardly being able to wait until I get to play with my new toy.

Lucky Chip cheese burger. Oh goodness, I live for these. They are so good! Adam has to ration them because if it were left up to me we would eat Lucky Chip burgers at least four nights a week!