Just a moment - three

Just a moment from last week, from Istanbul to Spitalfields...

Bare feet in the Blue Mosque, Istanbul. One of the most magnificent buildings I have ever been inside.

"Uno, dos, tres, ALOHA!" This guy made me laugh so hard, and gave me free tea for sitting on my own.

"Chicken Dust Spa - the ultimate deep feather cleaning treatment. All chickens welcome" at Hackney City Farm.

Taking my brother for oysters on Colombia Road. He was visiting this week from Toronto and I got to show him around the neighbourhood which was so much fun.

Don't you think London has got to be one of the best cities for street art? It's always changing and never looks trashy - well, almost never.

My favourite was visiting the Blue Mosque. What was the best thing that happened to you last week, if you could just pick one moment?