Just a moment - four

A few moments from my week - the ones to remember. From freezing cold and rain, to sunshine and picnics - English weather in all it's unpredictable glory.

I wonder how often your post would get misdirected if you had an address like eleven and a half.

It's not easy to find a good doughnut in London, not at all. These ones were pretty good but they didn't taste nearly as unhealthy as a good doughnut should.

This week my cousin finished school. I can't believe how old he is and how grown up he looks. I remember when he was little and used to get out his guitar to play with my uncle and my dad, they used to make up songs together about toast and jam and pretend to be the Swiss Family Robinson.

Every weekend lately seems to bring a trip to Hackney City Farm. I just can't stay away and it's so lovely to see these little lambs grow up. Spending an afternoon taking photos and catching up with Tania, laughing about how forgetful we both are and drooling over the darkest chocolate cake we've ever seen.

Celebrating my Gran's birthday this weekend. It's always so much fun when my family gets together and it's a shame it doesn't happen very often.

What was your favourite moment from the past week? One you don't ever want to forget.