Fifty random facts 11 to 20 - by Adam

Today is part two of my fifty random facts about me series - you can find part one here. To make it a bit more interesting, I thought I would ask Adam to tell you ten random facts about me to show a different perspective. So here we go with ten facts about me, according to Adam:

11. She's terrible at math. So terrible. Especially under pressure.
It's true, and very embarrassing. I took math all the way through secondary school and I really enjoyed it, but I just got every question wrong every single time. 

12. She's an excellent parallel parker, and the best driver I know. She could drive for Nascar.
I totally could have been a race car driver!

13. She hates Andy McDowell, but I've never really understood why.
She can't act! She's just so awful. Think of how much better Four Weddings and a Funeral could have been without her. "Is it raining? I hadn't noticed..." urgh, shuuuut uuuupppppp! 

14. She once lived in an abandoned mental institution, when we first moved in together.I did! It was as spooky as it sounds but we were poor, so what can you do? Check out this very old post about it all. 

15. She accidentally found herself in the middle of the Hackney Riots in 2011.
I went outside to see what was going on and to check out the helicopter that had been hovering over the house all day, and I ended up getting swept away by a crowd that got rushed by the police. It was scary stuff!

16. She is terrified of needles. When she has to get vaccinations to travel for work I have to take time out of the office to go with her to the doctor and hold her hand.
It's true, they scare me so much. Before I started traveling in my job I hadn't had a vaccination or a blood test in about twelve years.

17. She will never do the dishes if she can avoid it.Poor Adam always gets stuck with the dishes, but I do all the cooking so it works out. 
Weirdly the reason is because the water and the soap dries out my hands, which means I have to put on hand cream which I really don't like to do because I hate the feeling of having greasy hands.

18. She makes the best chicken soup I have ever eaten.
Which is good praise coming from Adam because his mum is a pretty amazing cook!

19. She gets pretty hangry, so if she says she's hungry it's in your best interest to listen.
I'm not all that bad, I hope, but I usually don't notice I'm getting hungry until it sneaks up on me and then suddenly I'm ravenous!

20. The two questions she asks me most often are "when can we get a dog?" and "can we order pizza?". It's not hard to figure out what makes her happy.
Yup. Just give me junk food and a dog to cuddle and I will be yours forever.