A Healthy Life Check List

This year is shaping up to be a tough one and it's becoming more important than ever to take care of myself. This isn't something that comes naturally to me, mostly because I've never really given it much thought, but I'm giving it a go and here are a few things that I'm trying to do:

1) Take good care of my body: I'm doing pretty well! I have completely changed how much water I consume in a day thanks to this app. I need to be reminded to drink because I never seem to get thirsty. I'm doing lots more exercise, running along the South Bank on my lunch break and also a yoga sequence that I found on YouTube (part one, two and three). I'm eating more fruit, veg and fish - less carbs because they have always made my stomach hurt.

2) Taking good care of my mind: I'm reading more books (like this one) and playing fewer games on my iphone, which I usually do on my commute to and from work - it's candy crush! It's too addictive! I'm avoiding conflict like it's my job. I'm also working really hard on not getting distracted by twitter and instagram so often throughout the day, it throws me off what I'm meant to be doing which means work gets left unfinished and I get stressed about it.

3) Taking good care of my heart: I'm doing things that scare me which is such an amazing feeling, to be pushing myself in a way that is good for me. I took a chunk of my paycheck this month and bought some clothes, something I haven't done in a long time. I'm taking my time about cooking and eating, enjoying the process and not rushing it is very therapeutic - especially when it involves guacamole on the porch in the sunshine (when there is any sunshine to be had). I'm also planning a holiday, one where I can actually relax.

Since I'm new to this healthy lifestyle thing, I'm interested to know, what is important for you to do each day to take care of yourself?