Things I Love So Far...

All four days of this Easter long weekend have been taken up with packing and unpacking, cleaning, fixing, folding and sleeping. I'm so happy that we are finally in our new house, we are so in love with it already. Here are just a few of my favourite things so far:

1. The sunlight comes streaming through our bedroom window in the afternoon and lands right on our bed - perfect for catnaps.

2. We wake up every morning to the sound of birds singing and water tinkling from the fountain in our garden - not trains and traffic, which makes a nice change.

3. There are so many lovely boutiquey small businesses and quiet little coffee shops around here, perfect for meeting friends and chatting over toast with almond butter and sea salt.

4. I have more closet space than I've ever had in my life.

5. We have foxes living in the garden next door, not the sad and skinny city sort of foxes, but the fat and healthy looking country sort of foxes.

6. Everyone around here seems to own a cat, which means we have a lot of cats hanging around the flat  - if you leave the door open long enough you are likely to find one asleep on the bed.

7. We have heating that works and our flat is nice and warm all the time.

8. Our shiny sky blue kettle and toaster, bought brand new for a bargain off ebay.

9. Carefully picking out bits and pieces to decorate the place with Adam, to really make it our own.