The Little Things

These past few weeks have seen us settling in nicely to our new flat. It's so beautiful and I am so in love with it - I can hardly begin to describe how much. It's light and airy, warm and clean. Pretty much everything on my list of "what my perfect flat would have" when we started looking to move so many months ago. These are just a few bits and pieces from our new home...

1. The elephants I bought home from one of my trips to Kenya last year.

2. This little bird also made it home with me last year, though I think on my second trip to Nairobi.

3. The cat that tries to get into my flat every day. She jumps up at the window and scratches at the birds until I let her in so she can have a nose around and a cuddle on the sofa.

4. The sunlight on my bed at the end of every day.

5. The candle that Adam gave me for Christmas which I saved to light in our new place.

6. Taking selfies in the mirror while I'm on the phone because there's no one around to laugh at me while I do it.