Spooky Midnight Phone Calls - Maybe She Was a Ghost?!

Last week, Adam and I decided it was time to sell our beanbag. Yes, that's right, we were the beanbag owning sort of couple. But in our defense  when you move around a lot and can't always guarantee that where you're living has a place to sit, a giant beanbag can be a good alternative while you go about finding a sofa on freecycle.

Anyway, since our last move we (mostly me) have decided that it's about time we said goodbye to our old beanbag, because I've kind of sort of always hated it. So I took pictures, put it on Gumtree and thought it would be gone by the end of the weekend. No one called, and I completely forgot about my ad, until one night last week when my phone rang at about midnight.

It was a blocked number and I answered it expecting it to be family or friends from overseas who had forgotten about the time difference. But no, it was a lady with the spookiest voice I have ever heard. It was really gravelly like an old lady, but also really high-pitched, almost like a little girl. She was asking about the beanbag, speaking really slowly - sounding very nervous but a bit desperate and aggravated too. Adam told me to hang up because it was probably some kids playing a joke, but something in her voice and her halting way of speaking told me it was more likely that she was extremely mentally unstable.

She said she needed a place to sleep, and she wanted the beanbag for her and her cat to sleep on. Over and over she told me how scary I was, how she had seen me around and I was "so so scaaaaary". But she needed somewhere for her and her cat to sleep so that's why she was calling. Every so often she would giggle, but in an out of control and spooky way.

Then she mentioned that she didn't have a cat actually, but she was looking to buy one of those too. Did I think she could get one off Gumtree? Maybe ebay? Did I have a cat to sell? Then she went off on how scary I was again, and how she was afraid I would hurt her.

In the pitch black of my bedroom, I can't tell you how freaked out I was by this point. It wasn't until she told me she was pregnant and looking to... something... I don't know, I hung up. I was afraid she was going to ask where she could buy a baby via online shopping.

Everyone keeps telling me it was probably some kids with a helium balloon playing a joke, but the tone in her voice was a special kind of crazy that I don't think anyone could fake. I picture her more like that lady above - driven crazy by her broken heart when her fiance left her at the alter back in the 1930's. At night she comes out to dance on London Fields in her wedding dress that she hasn't taken off since that fateful day, all those years ago. Goodness, I hope she's not my new neighbor!

Maybe she was a ghost. Maybe she used to live in my flat!!!?? Maybe this cat used to belong to her...