Saturday Afternoon in the Garden

On Saturday our landlords opened up their garden to the public to raise money for charity. As they needed a little help, Adam and I were brought in to lend a hand...

Adam was recruited to use all of his (considerable) Canadian charm to meet people at the door and charge them for entry.

The cats were in charge of sunbathing (I still don't know this ones name, even though she spends a lot of time in our flat).

And I was in charge of serving tea and cakes to the hungry visitors. We certainly met a few characters, lots of people have lots of opinions about gardening, and they like to talk about these opinions, a lot. Thankfully I know nothing about horticulture and so I could only shrug and say "tea? cake?".

While my landlord got to spend most of the day chatting to the visitors about different kinds of vines and shrubs, all of which have names like spells from Harry Potter. Ranunculus! 

Mostly people came to look around the garden, take a seat, and enjoy the peace that is so hard to find in the City of London.

I peace I am lucky enough to enjoy every day if I want to.