All This Lately

All this sunshine lately (well, maybe not today...) has been contributing to my over all state of mind: looking forward to the future, spring things, remembering to live life instead of watch it pass by, change what needs changing instead of stressing about it. A few thoughts and links along these lines:

This Spring playlist from the Kinfolk blog - if you do nothing else today, listen to this!

Doing brave things that make me a little scared - and then realising it was so silly to be scared in the first place.

Putting some work into my Tumblr - so that when I need that springtime feeling, when I need to remember what it's like to feel the sun on my skin, I can go and hang out there for a bit and make-believe it's warm outside.

My heart is aching for travel. I haven't been anywhere since Christmas and I have started to feel stuck - which I hate. So I am planning on a short trip, maybe. And dreaming of this place.

Finally, this Tumblr makes me laugh so hard, mostly because I sometimes cry for the same reasons when I'm feeling extra hormonal.