What Weekends are For

This weekend Adam and I were up North with my Mum - we both love getting out to the country at every opportunity.

We all spent some time in a little town called Silverdale and while Adam went for a walk, my Mum and I chatted over coffee and cake and did a bit of shopping at the local gallery. My mum bought us two big blue pillows as a house warming present while I nearly stole someone's dog because it was so cute and I'm pretty sure it wanted to come home with me.

Also this weekend I...

had some really good ramen at Bone Daddies in Soho before catching our train.

finally watched True Grit and Fried Green Tomatoes - both films were amazing.

really loved this video, makes me want to visit Thailand.

got pretty excited about winning this giveaway.

spent some time working on my Tumblr, did you know I have a Tumblr?

fell in love with these lamp shades.