Desperately Seeking Some Sunshine

first seen on Sunny Sweet Pea's instagram feed {source}

This weather is thoroughly kicking by bum. The past few days around here has been all flus and colds, bad backs, sneaky chilly drafts under doors, along with endless cups of tea and hot water bottles. Not good. And all is made worse because we have to move house on Friday and all we want to do is sleep. Anyone want to come and help? Because we're seriously crippled around here at the moment.

I am determined to persevere though, and there's not much that a good happy list can't cure. So here are a few things that are bound to cheer up even the worst case of the grumps:

Last week I met a lady who is hoping to one day marry her cat. And I'm not even kidding. They're engaged, for reals.

Have you seen these blog branding advice posts over on Note to Self? They've really helped me think about what I want this blog space to be about.

This stop motion film was made over two years and entirely out of jelly beans. Amazing!

Have you seen this video about the power of introverts? It made me feel less guilty about my sometimes-avoidance of social situations.

And this song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis gives me the shivers. "No freedom 'till we're equal. Damn right I support it." Love is love.