The Want - Spring Fever

Ok so we've only had a total of about 24 hours sunshine in the past two months, and most of it seems to have happened in the past week or so. It's enough to make me crazy with excitement for spring time.

As a result I have compiled a little shopping list. These are things I'm really wanting at the moment, even though I won't be able to wear most of those things for another couple of months yet.

But that always seems to happen this time of year, doesn't it? You start seeing pretty flowers and you just need them, no matter what form they take. Whether it's actual flowers or just flower prints, this time of year usually sees me tempted to buy a whole new summer outfit or two... or three.

I won't do it though, I'm meant to be grown up with my money now and I can't go running off to furnish any hypothetical summer wardrobes. But I've got a lucky hidden excuse in my hand to play, and it's a wedding invite. I will need a dress for certain, and I'm fairly sure it's going to be that blue one up there. 

Thank goodness for excuses...

p.s. thank you all so much for your kind comments on my post yesterday - you really helped to put a smile on my face.