My Week in Moments - ProjectLife365 - Week Six

Project Life 365 and a few moments from my week:

February 3rd, bedside: a collection of Jane Austen's work and a broken teacup for lip balm and my mini kaleidoscope .. - these things are always on my bedside table, they never move.

February 4th, daily life: Marmite tends to make an appearance in my daily life in some way or another. I think I may be addicted.

Febuary 6th, saved up: I have a love of peter pan collars and I've been saving a few pennies every now and again so that I could buy a new top.

February 7th, my view: the weather is so horrible at the moment that it seems like the only thing to do is be indoors and I'm getting a little bit sick of staring at my computer or the tv, that's probably why I did so much baking this weekend.

I've missed more than a few days this week, this Project Life 365 thing seems to have gotten away from me lately, but I am back on track now I think.