My Week in Moments - ProjectLife365 - Week Five

Project Life 365 and a few moments from my week:

January 27th, outside: It's too early to talk about it, and really its hardly started, but I'm pretty excited for the weather to get warmer so that I can start doing more fun things outside - like eating duck confit sandwiches in the sunshine. Oh my goodness yum!

January 28th, inside: a mid-week visit to the Victoria & Albert museum is always special.

January 29th, red: shops are stocking up for Valentine's Day. You know, I don't think anyone has ever given me a red rose for Valentine's Day. I'm not too upset about that though, I much prefer those yellow roses poking their nose in on the left.

January 30th, innocent: I love this picture of my friend Kim, I think she looks like some southern belle just moved from her small town to the big city, still innocent and bright-eyed. Also funny because Adam bought her that horrible plate at a car-boot sale so that she would have to keep it and put it on her wall and look at it every day.

January 31st, grow: I can't believe that things grow this green throughout the winter, that they keep themselves alive living on concrete and surviving even when everything else is frozen.

February 1st, you today: this is me today. I couldn't be bothered to dry my hair so it went into a big poof. 

February 2nd, repetition: this keeps on happening. Adam and I leave the house and only realise when it's too late that we are dressed the same. It's very embarrassing. 

Something else that made me laugh this week: all parents with young children should be reading this blog.