Snowy Sunday and Some Good News

Sunday was such a wonderful day. It snowed here in London all day, non stop. The city seems to go so quiet when it snows.

Adam and I awoke to a text message inviting us to a viewing at a flat that just looked too good to be true. We've been looking to move for a while now, but we have been very casual about our flat hunt because we aren't under any pressure to leave where we are now.

We had eggs and bacon with crumpets for breakfast, dressed up warm, and left four hours early for the viewing just to make sure we made it on time. London transport can be unreliable at the best of times, and when it's snowing it just can not be trusted at all. And anyway, we were excited to visit our old neighbourhood in Hackney that we miss so much, go back to our favourite coffee shop and drop in on a friend or two. It was a lovely afternoon, leaping about in the snow.

And now for my exciting news... we loved the flat and the flat loved us! We're finally moving! For the first time ever we are going to buy our own furniture, put some love and care into decorating a place, and really have a proper home. I can't wait.

Oh, and our new landlords who live in a flat in the same house just happen to be award winning horticulturalists. So our back garden is beautiful, and we have a porch all of our own to sit on and enjoy the view with a cup of coffee every morning. Unless of course we want to go and sit in the Japanese tea house they have set up at the bottom of the garden, just follow the bridge over the stream and you'll find it tucked away somewhere.

I really can't believe our luck at finding the perfect place. And I'm glad I made a video of the day so that I can always remember it - I was going to take some footage of the house before we viewed it, but I didn't want to jinx it. I'm so excited to move. Come on March, hurry up!