My Week in Moments - ProjectLife365 - Week Four

Project Life 365 and a few moments from my week:

January 20th, Currently Reading: The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed out of the Window and Dissappeared, by Jonas Jonasson. I just finished and I really loved it, have you read it?

January 21st, Dream: if I could take all of this cheese home with me and eat it without making myself sick, that would be like a dream come true for me. Instead I picked just one and demolished it during a night in by myself. Heaven. Greedy greedy heaven.

January 22nd, Makes Me Smile: I was having such a grumpy day and my friend bought me this little cake to cheer me up. It was so good and it really did make me a little happier. 

January 23rd, Transparent: and a shot of one of London's newer tube stations with the see-through barriers in front of the trains - not as pretty as the old fashioned designs, but definitely more interesting when the train driver doesn't line up the doors properly.

January 24th, Faux: it looks like a house, just a regular old house down my street, but really it's The Kinks' recording studio. Pretty neat.

January 25th, Real: I love how this is someone's real life, selling vintage teacups and plates down Camden Passage. This is someone's bread and butter, and it's all so fragile.

January 26th, Guest: Welcome to London, Hideki Sakomizo. I really hope you enjoy your stay and that your dream comes true.

What a lovely weekend. Very relaxing, full of hours spent daydreaming about the future and catching up with friends. I hope you also had a really lovely weekend. And feel free to leave a link in a comment to your Project Life 365 if you are doing the challenge too, I would love to see your pictures.