My Week in Moments - ProjectLife365 - Week Three

Project Life 365 photography challenge, and a few moments from my week:

Forgotten: a blueberry breakfast smoothie and a flat white from my favourite Dalston cafe.

Temptation: a Lucky Chip burger. Still amazing. Still in love.

Confusing: sometimes you have to go to great lengths to build a bed - especially if you are going for the "boudoir" look, like my friend Ashleigh is.

Sign of Winter: foggy windows mean foggy drawings - also from our favourite Dalston cafe.

This is so me: because... this is so me. I only just noticed my eyebrows are a little wonky, should probably do something about that.

Style: a perfect example of the Dalston hipster uniform. I love how these two are matching in style, if not in colour. They even have matching facial hair. Do you think they realise?  Do you think they had that "oh no!" moment when they met up and realised they look like twins? Or was it done on purpose?

I can not tell a lie. I did not at all stick to the photo a day theme this week. And I missed one photo prompt which was "news". And on top of everything, this post is a day late. What can I say, this photo a day stuff is hard! But I thought it was better to post some photos from the past week than do nothing at all. And I will do better this week, I promise. I took a photo of my daily prompts list and made it my iphone wallpaper so that I don't forget.

I hope you are all having a lovely Monday! I had the best weekend full of making new friends, eating good food, adventures in the snow, and some really exciting news (which I will share soon). And it seems as though it hasn't just been a good weekend for me, I've heard lots of happy news from so many people lately that I think there must be a cheerful-good-luck-bug going around - I hope you catch it :)