My Week in Moments - ProjectLife365 - Week Two

Project Life 365 photography challenge, and a few moments from my week:

January 6th, Still Life: I keep orchids, I don't think it's something I've ever mentioned on my blog before. That's probably because most of them are unhappy or nearly dead these days. The house we are living in now is too cold for them and I've lost most of them since moving here, the ones I have left don't flower anymore apart from this last one. They will be ok once we move somewhere warmer though.

January 7th, Simplicity: Mushrooms for sale in the market, they make me long for simple things like comfort food and warm kitchens.

January 8th, Front Door: ... yup, that's my front door. It's pretty dirty. I should probably clean it.

January 9th, In a Drawer: this one was tricky because I don't really come across any drawers in my daily life - but luckily I spotted this one in a cafe. A drawer full of gourmet chocolate!

January 10th, Game: There is lots of game hanging about Borough market these days. It breaks my heart a little bit, but at the same time I love how it is keeping a countryside tradition alive. My grandfather tells stories about how he kept rabbits as a boy during the war for his family and neighbours to live off, he used to swap them for tea or vegetables, etc...

January 11th, Signature: I pass this building every morning on the way to work. Even though it is an old advert from a beer company, I kind of feel like this saying has long been, and will always be London's signature. (this is my favourite photo this week)

January 12th, Mini: a tiny winter flower, found in passing on the way to meet a friend.

This week was really difficult for finding decent photos. Being back at work isn't exactly the most inspiring environment for this sort of photography, but actually it's worked really well as a reason to get out of the office at lunch every day. Or wake up extra early to walk through the market. It's made me plan my days more, and make time for non-work things. So I'm really enjoying it.

There is only one day left on my Word of the Year giveaway, make sure to head on over and enter if you haven't already. I'm really looking forward to picking a winner!