My Week in Moments - a New Idea

A couple of days ago I was sitting in bed with a cup of tea, catching up on blog posts when I came across this little post on Little Tranquility. It was all about Project Life 365: a photo a day challenge. Ever since I got my new camera, a lovely little Canon 60D, I have been looking for a way to develop my photography skills - and I think I found it in this new challenge.

After you sign up to Project Life 265, you are sent five prompts to follow for that week and the challenge is to snap a photo which represents that day's word. I'm really excited about this, and maybe a little nervous about whether I'll be able to keep it up, but I thought that since I already have a post series about daily(ish) photographs called My Week in Moments, the two correspond rather nicely.

Project Life by Design AGLOW

You can read more about Project Life 365 by clicking on the above button, and you will also find it on my sidebar to the right. Let me know if any of you are doing this photography challenge as well, I would love to see your photos. 

So in the spirit of new beginnings, here's My Week in Moments through Project Life 365.

January 1, Resolution: my friend Adi and I lit fireworks a little after midnight on New Years. It was so much fun to light the fuses and the run away squealing as they started to go off before we could get a safe distance away. A New Years rung in with lots of champagne and laughter.

January 2nd, You Today: A day spent in bed, with warm socks and tea. I worked on my blog and got a few things done that made me feel really good. Sometimes small accomplishments make you feel the best, and make you feel really good about yourself. 

January 3rd, Optimistic: Above is a picture of my aunt when she was little and maybe a friend of hers, but I can't be sure. I can't really say why this photo makes me feel optimistic, but it does. Maybe it's because my aunt has never stopped being like this, she's always seen the fun and the humour in everything. I wish I was more like that, and maybe this year I can try to be.

January 4th, Graceful: Out for a walk through the hills. The wind was really strong that day, but not too cold, and everything was being pushed and pulled about - including me! But unlike me, the grass seemed to be handling it all with a kind of stoic grace.

January 5th, View: The birds having a party in a tree quite near my mum's house. I think that Lancashire must be my favourite county in England, it's so beautiful with it's rolling hills and spreading greenness (leave anything outside long enough and it turns green) - it must look even better from a birds eye view.