Locked Out

Have you ever had a memory that makes you smile or laugh a little every time it pops into your head? This past Sunday took an unexpected turn and ended up crating a memory just like that - even now I can't stop giggling to myself.

On Sunday morning we woke up and stayed in our pajamas until mid afternoon. We juts hung around, drinking coffee and eating toast, watching David Attenborough's Africa and experimenting with various vegetable combinations in the juicer.

At around two we decided we should probably venture out of doors, the weather was beautiful and really we needed to go food shopping. I just threw on one of Adam's jumpers over leggings and didn't even bother with makeup, we were just going down the street so what was the point? As the door to our flat closed, Adam paused and said "have you got your keys?" I responded with "no, don't you have yours?"

The next six hours were spend in the pub waiting for our flatmates to come home. We shared some horrible fish and chips, had a couple of pints and laughed hysterically over a game of Mind Trap. Have you ever played? It's the most ridiculous game I've ever come across and it makes almost no sense. We would read the questions out loud and then try to guess the answer - when we finally flipped over the card we would just burst into uncontrollable laughter because the answers were so obscure and nonsensical, sometimes almost unrelated to the question!

Adam and I laugh together a lot, but I don't think we've ever laughed for six hours straight before.