Listening To: First Aid Kit


It's been a little bit quiet around here lately. We're staying in more in favour of movie nights and good home-cooked food rather than braving the chilly and moody weather outside. One minute it's sunshine and then the next howling wind and patchy rain. Though that really is one of winter's hidden charms, don't you think? It makes staying inside so satisfying, and braving the outside for a walk seem like a real accomplishment.

I've been listening to a lot of First Aid Kit lately - I find their music to be the perfect blend of calm yet uplifting rhythms that seem to help carry me through these soggy winter months. Their lyrics make me think of snowy mountains and patches of sunlight on cold, dry winter days. 

These are my favourite songs from their album The Lion's Roar, the rest of it is pretty good and it's on spotify if you want to have a listen.