Fortune Favours the Brave


I randomly came across this saying today, and though it's an old one, it's not really something I've given much consideration before. But since my word for this year is brave, it seemed oddly appropriate that I should stumble upon it - and for me, right now, it makes a lot of sense and gives me a little hope.

This year being brave won't mean taking big risks and embarking on crazy adventures that scare me, tackling that sort of fear is actually something I'm quite good at and I really enjoy it! For me being brave comes in the form of taking on life's every day, common place developments and in making decisions, and finally looking at what my future may look like.

Do you have even a rough idea of what you may want your life to look like ten years from now? Well I don't. Certainty has never been a talent of mine. But along the way we all have to make some choices.

I don't expect to change my personality, I don't think I'll ever approach the thought of what my future may look like without a certain amount of trepidation. But really I would like to try and find a way of living with my need to not feel trapped by indecision decisions, while still moving forward with my life and building a future.

Maybe I'll be in luck and it wont matter so much if I make some wrong choices along the way - because I am being brave, and fortune is favouring me.