This is Reasonable, Right?

"Dear All Interested Parties, please find my Christmas List above.... in order of what I want most".

I can already hear a very loud silence, one or two crickets, and casual whistling as said Interested Parties wander off in the opposite direction while pretending they didn't hear.

What I want for Christmas and what I need for Christmas are two different things. Usually I use up my Christmas and birthday presents throughout the year as I need them, for example when I need to pay my car tax or something. Not very festive I know, but needs must, right? So now that the holidays have rolled around once again, and I am fresh out of favours, I thought I would take this opportunity to create a fanciful list of some thing things I really want combined with some of things that I just feel would be fun to have.

1. I would like a horse please, a warmblood with an immense talent for jumping, a kind nature, and a natural on the flat.

2. A chocolate lab puppy, preferably one that is in need of rescue/adoption.

3. This Canon EOS 550D twin lens kit with a 50mm lens too please!

4. This 24cm Le Creuset casserole dish, in cassis please!

5. These Sorel Caribou boots in size 3.5 (I know, my feet are wee) please!

6. This Polaroid 300 camera in white, please!

7. This Bobby Brown Caviar & Oyster makeup set, please!

If you could have anything you want this year, no matter how crazy, what would it be? A car? A dinosaur? Absolutely anything you heart desires... I want to know what it is.