Riding Through Windsor Great Park

The first time my Mum sat me on a horse was when I was three years old. Moving forward a few years, from about the age of 12 to around 26 I used to ride every day. Training and competing with my horse was my whole life, my parents gave up their evenings and weekends to drive me to the stables until I could drive myself, and I gave up on parties and boys throughout my teenage years because being with the horses, dogs and friends at the stables or in the competition ring was just what I preferred.

These days I'm lucky if I get to ride once a year. And really, this part of my life has not turned out as planned - but I've sort of come up with a new plan I suppose. Working for an equine welfare charity in the city and all that that entails makes the absence of riding and spending time in the country worthwhile. And I really feel as though I'm giving something back to all the horses I love so much and who have made my life so great - even though I miss riding to the point that my legs sometimes twitch from lack of the sort of exercise they are used to.

This past weekend, I made it out to the country and found my way to a horse - and an absolutely massive one at that! Riding through Windsor Great Park, with herds of deer roaming around and shooting parties off in the distance was so much fun. I loved galloping along the trails, and even though the cost of a two hour hack so close to London is roughly as much as my food budget for one week, it was totally worth it.