My Week in Moments - Part 22

These are a few moments that made me happy this week:

The moment I went for a wander around Tiffany's and drank some mulled wine while I browsed.

The moment I got these from a friend: fresh cranberries soaked and then rolled in sugar.

The moment Adam composed his Christmas rap...

The moment I manager gave me one of his old Canon lenses for Christmas. So kind.

The moment we went to the Zombie Christmas show for the night before the apocalypse at Scala. All the good Christmas songs from the album This is Christmas by Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler were played, and a few old classics too.

Today is my last day of work and I am so excited. I'm really looking forward to having to weeks off for Christmas. The first week I'll be in Jersey with my Dad's family with no access to the internet. Week two I'll be in Lancashire with my mum, and able to blog a bit there.

Hope you all have a happy holiday - see you after Christmas!

xx Freya xx