My Week in Moments - Part 21

These are some moments that
made me happy this week:

The moment Adam looked like such a goof.

The moment I got my first tin of twiglets of the year. I don't know why, but I only ever eat twiglets at Christmas, and I eat about seven tonnes of them.

The moment I knitted my first hat, and then my second. The first one is the white one and it's not really practical as a hat. It looks more like someone dumped a bowl of porridge on my head - it's way too big. The second looks like a blueberry and is way too small. The good news is that hats are surprisingly easy to knit! The bad news is that they're just really hard to knit well... Any knitters out there who can give me some tips?

The moment I decorated my computer at work with handmade decorations and fairy lights. Too much?

The moment I received this email from my Dad:
Subject: Tree breaks phone lines!
Mell (my aunt) says you can't reach her because her phones are out until the phone company fixes them. Tree in house next door* fell down and owner is in jail! Not because of the tree! So......... where was I? She says the hat for Granny is a good idea.
It makes me look forward to the random stories followed by uncomprehending laughter that always happen when that side of my family gets together. *I have to add that my aunt lives on top of a hill and I'm pretty sure her only neighbors live below her, unless they have some pretty tall trees, how is this possible I ask you?!?*

I hope you're all looking forward to the weekend! It's this point in December where the festive cheer really starts to get intense, it will be frantic shopping and non-stop Christmas parties until the week after next. I'm sorry for the gap in posts this week, I've been a little worn out. I will be firing on all cylinders by Monday I'm sure.