My Week in Moments - Part 20

These are some moments that made me
smile over the past week

The moment I went to Forza Win (ter) - a rooftop supper club in Hackney where we ate/drank cheese cheese cheese fondue mulled wine hot buttered rum cheese cheese and more cheese. The guys at Forza Win are only hosting this winter supper club for a few months, and as far as supper clubs go it really was the best I've ever been to. It's all sold out, but if you follow them on Twitter you may find that a few extra tickets are available when people cancel - stalk them, it'll be worth it.

The moment we had our first little bit of snow. See that rooftop down there? See that speckling of white stuff? Yes. That's it. Hooray!

The moment I arrived at work and got my breakfast ready just in time for a friend to show up with a gingerbread latte just for me. You can tell a good'un when they anticipate your need for overly sugared coffee. She's a keeper, that Eve. 

The moment this poor dog made me laugh - it's as if she traveled such a long distance, in desperate need of stamps, only to find that Royal Mail have cruelly sabotaged her mission to post this year's Christmas presents.

The moment I went to the Lord Nelson for lunch to try one of their famous burgers. They are really quite good, and their Juicy Lucy is pretty tasty. I don't know about being the best, but they are worth a try (especially the day after the office Christmas party).

This is something I really loved this week: a new monthly desktop calendar really goes a long way to brightening things up on dreary days. Here's another one.

Happy Weekend!